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Dont let Gaza die
Global Help Initiative For Palestine
After the massacre of the people of Gaza by the Israeli army thatstarted on December, 27th 2008, the world was moved at the plight ofPalestinians. But Gaza remains closed almost hermetically, humanitarianconvoys accumulate at the border and only a small part is allowed toenter. Similarly, citizens of various countries, including manyPalestinians are stranded in Egypt.We, citizens of the world, oppose this illegal and deadly blockade,tolerated, not to say encouraged by most governments of the world,especially those of USA, Israel, Europe and many of the Arab countries.Once again, it seems that only civil society is able to mobilize todemand the application of the basic rights of people that are echoed ininternational law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights(December, 10th 1948).*Therefore, we call any individual or group (association, organisation,party, etc.) to participate, within its means, to establish a permanentsit-in at the border in Rafah, to put pressure on the Egyptian, US,European and Israeli governments, and also on the internationalcommunity, until the definitive opening of the border between Gaza andEgypt, allowing the free movement of goods and people.TO FREE GAZA, TO BREAK THE SIEGE, FOR FREE MOVEMENTALL AT RAFAH , NOW !* Article 13.(1) Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state.(2) Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country
Enquires and endorsements please contact:

Organisations :
PAz Ahora (Espagne)
Revista Rubra (Portugal)
MSRPP (France)
Forum Palestina (Italia)
AMFP (France)
Viva Palestina (UK)
Association des Palestiniens en France
Collectif des Musulmans de France
Comite St Ouen Solidarite Palestine, France
EMF (Etudiants Musulmans de France)-Nantes, France
Ittijah, France
Resistance Palestine, France
Jordan Society for Human Rights - Jordan
Jordanian Intellectuals For Gaza - Jordan
Global Help Initiative for Palestine (HI), Gaza, Palestine
ISM-Chicago, USA
Pink Code, USA
Convergence des Causes (France)
AssociazioneZaatar – Associazione Ghassan Kanafani (Lucca) - Circolo aziendaleferrovieri del PRC Spartaco Lavagnini di Firenze - Network of ArtistsAgainst War Italia – Associazione ALTRIMONDI, sezione Palestina -Comitato varesino per la Palestina - Sinistra Critica (Varese) –Comitato Provinciale ARCI di Varese.
Friends of Lebanon, United Kingdom
The Peace Cycle, United Kingdom
MPACuk, United Kingdom

Individuals: (16 nationalities)
Nada Kassas,Egypt, Journalist and activist
Iman Badawi, Egypt, Journalist and activist
Kamel Elbasha, Egypt, author and activist
Amal Wahdan, Palestinian Activist and journalist
Julio Rodriguez, (Spain)
Christian Chantegrel, SB (Siege Buster) France
Paki Wieland, Northampton Massachusetts, USA
Northampton Committee to End the War in Iraq
Western Mass Raging Grannies, Code Pink.
Nadine Rosa-Rosso, Belgium, creator of the call to remove Hamas from European terrorist organizations lists
Abdelaziz Chambi - Activist - France

Youssef Girard, Historians, France

Mireille Rumeau, Activist, France
Sandrine Mansour-Merien, France, historian Palestinian refugee
Abdel Salam Saleh - Novelist - Jordan

Saleh abu-Taweeleh - Activist - Jordan

Suleiman Sweiss - Human Rights Activist - Jordan

Laila Zo bi - Activist - Jordan

Mohammad Faraj - Activist – Jordan
Naser abu-Nassar - Activist – Jordan
Ayed Nab a - Director - Jordan

Kamal Khalil - Singer and Composer - Jordan

Mohammad Nasralla - Plastic Artist - Jordan

Kawthar Arar - Journalist - Jordan

Abdul Rahman el-Ja bari - Cartoonist – Jordan
Yahya abu-Safi - Researcher - Jordan

Majed Toubeh - Secretary of Jordanian Journalists Syndicate - Jordan

Mohammad Deebo - Poet and Activist - Syria

Akram Kreishan - Int l Expert in Human Rights - Jordan

Laila Faisal - Activist - Jordan/USA

Mohammad Shareef el-Jayyousi - Journalist – Jordan
Rabea Salhieh - Dental Surgeon - Jordan 

Olfat Jaser - King Hussien Cancer Foundation - Jordan

Ra ed Abdel Haq - Tourist Guide – Jordan
Amina Abu-Hamdia - Activist -Jordan/USA
Sari Hanafi, Liban, Professor, Beirut American University
Asim Ghani, Pakistan, journalist
Saad Javed Khan, Pakistan
Khaled Amayreh, Palestine, Journalist
AfafDajani, Palestine, RASED president, Palestinian Ass. for HumanRights-jerusalem office and President of Ass. for women and children
Dr Haidar Eid, Gaza, Palestine
Asma Qwaider, Gaza, Palestine, Palestine Forum
Adnan el-Sabbah - Writer - Palestine

Amani Abu shaaban - Engineer - Gaza – Palestine
Laila Harbe – Engineer - Gaza – Palestine
Naila Gergawe – Engineer - Gaza – Palestine
Nebal Erhem – Engineer - Gaza – Palestine
Mohmmed Jabber – Artist - Gaza – Palestine
Ismail Hefene – Engineer - Gaza – Palestine
Mohammed Haj - Artist - Gaza – Palestine
Abdullah Roze - Artist - Gaza – Palestine
Amani Abu hamda - Artist - Gaza – Palestine
Nahel Mhana – Designer - Gaza – Palestine
Enas Jaber - Artist - Gaza – Palestine
Ola Sakallah – Engineer - Gaza – Palestine
Eman Aby shamlla - Teacher - Gaza – Palestine
Dalia Taha – Engineer - Gaza – Palestine
Saleh Sahuon – Accountant - Gaza – Palestine
Rania Shawa – Accountant - Gaza – Palestine
Zaher Akeila – Accountant - Gaza – Palestine
Hanaa Sahaw – Accountant - Gaza – Palestine
Ahamed Morad - Doctor - Gaza – Palestine
Maysaa Abu Shaaban – Doctor - Gaza – Palestine
Mohamed Abu Randan – Accountant - Gaza – Palestine
Khalel Khodare – Engineer - Gaza – Palestine
Majed Khodare – Accountant - Gaza – Palestine
Rame Mohana – Judge - Gaza – Palestine
Saad Mohana – Accountant - Gaza – Palestine
Ishaq Mohana – Judge - Gaza – Palestine
Mazen Sesalem – Judge - Gaza – Palestine
Tagred Khodare – Journalist - Gaza – Palestine
Jamal Lolo – Accountant - Gaza – Palestine
Khaled Lolo – Accountant - Gaza – Palestine
Batol Shorafa – Engineer - Gaza – Palestine
Mahmmod Moshtaha – Accountant - Gaza – Palestine
Deima Redece – Engineer - Gaza – Palestine
Mohammed Thalthene – Accountant - Gaza – Palestine
Asaad Yazje – Accountant - Gaza – Palestine
Somaia Qwaider - Coordinator - Gaza – Palestine
Raheane Dalol - Coordinator assistant - Gaza – Palestine
Heba Sharef - Designer - Gaza – Palestine
Mohammed Madhoon - Student - Gaza – Palestine
Anour Shekh - Student - Gaza – Palestine
Mohammed Yosef - Student - Gaza – Palestine
Abed allah Zaalan - Student - Gaza – Palestine
Saady Hamed - Student - Gaza – Palestine
Abed rahem Hamed - Student - Gaza – Palestine
Mahmod Madhoon - Student - Gaza – Palestine
Mohamed Esmaial - Student - Gaza – Palestine
Doaa Eaila - Student - Gaza – Palestine
Fatema Hasham - Student - Gaza – Palestine
Anor Qeshawie - Student - Gaza – Palestine
Maha Balata - Student - Gaza – Palestine
Abdalla el-Harkan - Financial Manager - Saudi Arabia
George Galloway, Member of Parliament (UK)
Yvonne Ridley, Journalist and Author, UK.
Andrew J Silvera, Action4Palestine, UKLynn Wilson, Global Help Initiative for Palestine, UK
Dr Mohamed Abassi, United Kingdom
Laura Abraham, Cofounder & Director The Peace Cycle, (UK

Members of Viva Palestina, drivers to Gaza, entitled to Palestinian Passport :
Mrs Nafisa Saeed, Y. Manvra, R. Raja,
Akram Janua, Nusarrat Janjua, Sofia Janjua, X Janjua, Shereen Bhorat, MouradAbib (Algerian Relief), David Joner, Kevin Ovenden, Tahir Gorji, KieranTurner, Safraz Patel, Ruhel Mial, Bisharet Ali, Asad Iqbal, HusseinSaleam, Shahed Miah (Solihull), Faruk Shaikh (Gloucester), Ahmed Nisar,Ahmed Riaz, Alaa Mousa, Samir Ali, Abdullam Khan, Zabar Khan, AbdurRahman Motara (Gloucester), Mansur Sadaq, Cheikh Zahir, Zarina Bhatia,Alan Morton, Mahmood Hussain, Mohamed Khan, Nasima Ali, Carole Swords,Arif Bagasi,
Mahjabeen Bhatti psychotherapist, Canada
Emanuele Vitali, Domenico De Filippis, Germano Monti (Italia)
Hedy Epstein (Deutschland))
Tinet Elmgren, Comic artist, Germany
Edith Lutz, Dr Phil. Germany
Lesley A. Esteves, Deputy Editor, Outlook Traveller Getaways, New Delhi, India
Prof.MassimoDe Santi (Presidente CIEP - Comitato Internazionale di Educazione perla Pace) - Patti Cirino - Federico Giusti (Pisa) - Enrica Palmieri(docente Accademia Nazionale di Danza (Roma) - Alessandra Festini -Alessandra Fava - Edvino Ugolini (Trieste) - Gabriella Macucci (Siena)- Maria Grazia Campari (Milano) - Lea Melandri - Claudio Ortale(capogruppo PRC Municipio 19 – Roma) - Francesco Bravetti (Roma) - Ettore Davoli (Roma) - Nello Acampora (Circolo PRC Campobasso) -Andrea Montella - Paola Baiocchi - Elena Montella - Elia De Pasquale
Enquires and endorsements please contact:

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