Thursday, March 19, 2009

Walking in somebody's shoes

It was interesting when some western officials commented on the Israeli atrocities against Gaza saying that when they walk in the Israeli shoes they find themselves doing whatever it takes to “defend” themselves.

GAZA Pictures, Images and Photos

You know this was outrageous to my people here.

Everybody, including taxi drivers, kept murmuring with anger:

what about walking on some occupied people shoes? What about walking in some starved Palestinian boy shoes?
What about walking in the shoes of some Palestinian mother who had her babies burned right under her sight? What about walking in the shoes of a people who have been suffering for more than sixty years, experiencing all kinds of deportation, killing, terror and persecution?
ام تشيع ابنها,gaza

What about walking in the shoes of a poor peasant who have been expelled from his land in order to build illegal settlements?
What about walking in the shoes of labourers who are literally enslaved in Israeli factories? What about walking in the shoes of school children have the Israeli gun pointed to their faces in check points? Pregnant women who give birth in the check points? What about walking in the shoes of innocent people who woke up someday to find some strangers speaking a strange language look like foreigners, bombing them and telling them to leave a land which was their country for thousands years… because the UN decided in moment that their country Is no more theirs?
My people are asking silly questions. That is because…..

Palestinians DO NOT WEAR SHOES

They cannot afford it.

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