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UK Jewish MP: My grandmother did not die to provide cover for Israel to kill Palestinian grandmothers


  1. The first problem is to understand that Israel is acting in bad faith in negotiations. All other problems flow from this simple fact. Israel has no interest in peace or in dividing the land. It needs war against the Palestinians and against neighboring states to justify its perception in the West as an eternal victim (first of European anti-Semitism, and now of Arab and Muslim anti-Semitism) and consequently its receiving Western military largesse. It was with the help of the West, for example, that Israel was able to develop nuclear weapons without control or supervision.
    And similarly Israel has no interest in allowing the Palestinians to develop a national home, even on the 22 percent of their original homeland that Israel now occupies. Such a Palestinian state would, in Israel’s view, be the first stage in the unraveling of the Jewish state. If the land were divided, the pressure would mount for Israel to stop being an ethnic state and become a proper state, with normal rules of equal citizenship inside its own borders. If there were equal rights, Palestinian citizens of Israel would be able to demand that their relatives enjoy the same right to return to Israel that Jews currently enjoy to come to Israel. Very soon, the whole artifice of a Jewish and democratic state would collapse.

  2. Zionism and Anti- Semitism: Astrange Alliance Through History

    It has, for many years, been a tactic of those who seek to silence open debate and discussion of US Middle East policy to accuse critics of Israel of "anti-Semitism."...

    What few Americans understand is that there has been a long historical alliance -- from the end of the 19th century until today -- between Zionism and real anti-Semites -- from those who planned pogroms in Czarist Russia to Nazi Germany itself. The reason for the affinity many Zionist leaders felt for anti-Semites becomes clear as this history emerges.

    Theodor Herzl's book Der Judenstaat ("The Jewish State"), was widely disparaged by the leading Jews of the day, who viewed themselves as French, German, English or Austrian citizens and Jews by religion -- with no interest in a separate Jewish state. Anti-Semites, on the other hand, eagerly greeted Herzl's work.

    Dr. Joachim Prinz, a German Zionist rabbi who subsequently emigrated to the United States, where he became vice-chairman of the World Jewish Congress and a leader in the World Zionist Organization, published in 1934 a book Wir Juden ("We Jews") to celebrate Hitler's so-called German Revolution and the defeat of liberalism. He wrote:
    The victory of Nazism ruled out assimilation and inter-religious marriage as an option for Jews. "We are not unhappy about this,".
    In the fact that Jews were being forced to identify themselves as Jews, he saw "the fulfillment of our desires." Further, he states,
    "We want assimilation to be replaced by a new law: the declaration of belonging to the Jewish nation and the Jewish race. A state built upon the principle of the purity of nation and race can only be honored and respected by a Jew who declares his belonging to his own kind"...

    In its extreme formulation, political Zionists agreed with resurgent anti-Semitism in the following propositions:
    1. That the emancipation of the Jews in Europe was a mistake.
    2. That the Jews can function in the lands of Europe only as a disruptive influence.
    3. That all Jews of the world were one "folk" in spite of their diverse political allegiances.
    4. That all Jews, unlike other peoples of Europe, were unique and unintegratible.
    5. That anti-Semitism was the natural expression of the folk-feeling of European nations, hence, ineradicable.

  3. The Voice of Palestine
    Israel is the worest colonial regime

    NEW YORK, (PIC)-- Jean Ziegler, the UN special rapporteur on right to food, castigated the Israeli occupation and described it as the only "colonial regime" which refuses to abide by any international law, calling on the UN to adopt an effective policy forcing Israel to respect human rights and the Geneva Convention.
    The UN official underlined that the Israeli occupation is causing starvation, physical and psychological oppression to the Palestinian people...
    The rapporteur described the EU countries as completely "hypocritical" because they refused the results of democratic elections supervised by them after they saw that the winner is Hamas, pointing out that the Europeans should have the bare minimum of principles.

  4. Zionists Do Not Represent Jews
    Jews against Zionism , Not jut we Muslims

    From the inception of the Zionist State and particularly in recent times, the impression has been created in the World that there is some connection between the State, which falsely calls itself Israel, and the Jewish people as a whole.
    A Jew is one who remains faithful to the laws of the Jewish religion, that is, the Holy Torah and its commandments.
    The Jewish people became a people before they had their own land, and continued to exist as a people also after they went Into exile, because our very people hood is based exclusively on the Torah.
    The Holy Land was given to the Jewish people on the condition that they observe the Torah and its commandments. When they failed to do this, their sovereignty over the land was taken from them, and they went into exile.
    From that time, we are prohibited by the Torah with a very grave prohibition to establish a Jewish independent sovereignty in the Holy Land or anywhere throughout the world. Rather, we are obligated to be loyal to the nations under whose protection we dwell.

  5. Dare To Compare – Israel

    I do not compare Israel with Nazi Germany. Israel is a Zionist settlers’ colony founded on land theft and terror against the Palestinian people; Nazi Germany was not.
    However, I do – like most people – compare Israeli policies in Palestine with those of the Nazis....
    We thought :
    “Gaza is free”. I am sure we learned this fraud from at least four sources of Zionist propaganda: the pro-Israel Jewish Lobby; the deranged ignoramus American Zionist, Alan Dershowitz; U.S. mainstream media; and the BBC.

    Gaza is not “free”. Gaza is a large fortified Concentration Camp. Since 2000, the entire population of Gaza (1.5 million) has been under total blockade with disastrous consequences. Anyone who tries to get out risks being murdered.

    As a result of this premeditated collective punishment, Gaza has run out of food and medicine. Palestinians, children and infants in particular, are dying of starvation, malnutrition and preventable diseases. Without electricity, hospital and emergency centres operate infrequently, depriving the sick and injured of medical care. So, Gaza is a Camp not much different from the Nazi’s Camps. Indeed, Israelis have started to call Gaza the “Ghetto”...
    Israel’s existence as a “civilised” nation depends on Israel’s willingness to renounce violence, stop dispossessing and murdering Palestinians, and resume the path of a peaceful democratic coexistence.

  6. The Tactic of Fear-Mongering

    Will the supporters of Zionism ever realize the fundamental wrong that has been inflicted on the Palestinians by 60 years of expropriation, oppression and murder,
    or on Palestine´s neighboring countries by Israel´s attacks and threats of attacks and it´s meddling overtly and covertly in their affairs up to the instigations of civil wars,
    or on the rest of the world by pushing the agenda of a "clash of civilizations"?...
    The main indoctrination tool Zionists in Israel and Neocons in the rest of the world use, is fear.

    Western Gentiles are being indoctrinated to fear the "Islamist threat" and Jews are being intimidated by the "threat of anti-Semitism".

    Not everybody falls for this fear mongering, but far too many still do....
    An even more efficient way of recruiting for the Zionist cause is by acting crazy.
    Jews have been taught by Zionist elites, that gentile anti-Semitism is driven by inner subconscious forces, which cannot be controlled by logic....
    Craziness is scarier than rational evil.
    You can´t negotiate with a crazy guy....
    But going online I have also seen the crazy act, a fear producing intimidation, signaling: "Stay away from anti-Zionism and from the 9/11 truth movement...

    We have to realize that the Internet is just like the mainline media a battle ground for the propaganda war. Not everything you read online is true and not everyone is what he pretends to be...

    If you keep this in mind, it´s harder for them to fool you. And you can counter some of their fear-mongering tactics.

  7. Quotes from Zionists

    There are some pretty choice quotes from shockingly honest Zionists. You can find them in places like here and here . A few samples (if you wonder about my continuing concerns about the Zionist Empire, see 12 to 16; 11 is so accurate a statement of Israeli negotiating procedure it is almost funny):

    16. "The Achilles heel of the Arab coalition is the Lebanon. Muslim supremacy in this country is artificial and can easily be overthrown. A Christian State ought to be set up there, with its southern frontier on the river Litani. We would sign a treaty of alliance with this State. Thus when we have broken the strength of the Arab Legion and bombed Amman, we could wipe out Transjordan; after that Syria would fall. And if Egypt still dared to make war on us, we would bomb Port Said, Alexandria and Cairo. We should thus end the war and would have but paid to Egypt, Assyria and Chaldea on behalf of our ancestors." – Ben Gurion's Diary, 21 May 1948, quoted by Michael Bar Zohar in The Armed Prophet, p.139.

    17. "I shall not be ashamed to confess that if I had the power, as I have the will, I would select a score of efficient young men – intelligent, decent, devoted to our ideal and burning with the desire to help redeem Jews – and I would send them to the countries where Jews are absorbed in sinful self-satisfaction. The task of these young men would be to disguise themselves as non-Jews, and plague Jews with anti-Semitic slogans such as 'Bloody Jew', 'Jews go to Palestine' and similar intimacies. I can vouch that the results in terms of a considerable immigration to Israel from these countries would be ten thousand times larger than the results brought by thousands of emissaries who have been preaching for decades to deaf ears." – Davar, 1952, Editor Sharan, quoted by Alfred Lilienthal in The Other Side of the Coin, Devin-Adair, New York, p.47.

  8. The propaganda machine
    by Jonathan Cook
    It is an honour of a kind, I suppose, to briefly have the most active thread on the Comment is free site. But not much of one when 95% of the posts rarely rose above the level of vitriolic name-calling. The posters probably know that by now I am immune to playground taunts of "scum" and "Nazi", but the abuse, I suspect, is meant more as a warning to others who might criticise Israel. Keep quite - or else.
    Volcanic outbursts of hatred on Cif greet anyone who objects to Israel's policies...
    Some posters to this site seem to be aware of the organised nature of these critic-bashing campaigns. They note that sites like rally the faithful to the cause. But most posters are probably not aware that giyus and its ilk are only the tip of a much larger effort called "hasbara" by Israel and its supporters. Usually the word is translated as "advocacy for Israel". I call it by its proper name: propaganda.
    The main goal of hasbara is constantly to disseminate good news about Israel, largely independent of whether the news is true or not, in the hope that over time a benevolent image of Israel will be reinforced.
    But the charm offensive is only the upside of their work. The downside is, as Cif posters know well, a relentless campaign to target, discredit and silence critics of Israel. It can take many forms, not only name-calling....
    Giyus is, in fact, the most amateurish part of its operation. These are the "shock troops" on the front line.
    They overwhelm by force of numbers only. Far more effective are the lobby's "snipers". They pick off anyone the shock troops have failed to frighten off and whose voice might be heard in places where it matters: particularly in the American media and on US campuses. Tony Judt has recently felt their ire, as have Professors Walt and Mearsheimer.
    The professional Israel lobby have respectable names like Camera (the Committee for Accuracy in Middle Reporting in America), Honest Reporting and the Anti-Defamation League.

  9. It´s time for Palestine.

    It's time for Palestinians and Israelis
    to share a just peace.

    It's time to respect human lives
    in the land called holy.

    It's time for healing to begin in wounded souls.

    It's time to end 60 years
    of conflict, oppression and fear.

    It's time for freedom from occupation.

    It's time for equal rights.

    It's time to understand pent-up anger
    and begin to set things right.

    It's time for those with blood on their hands
    to acknowledge what they have done.

    It's time to seek forgiveness between communities
    and to repair a broken land together.

    It's time to move forward as human beings
    who are all made in the image of God.

    All who are able to speak truth to power
    must speak it.

    All who would break the silence surrounding injustice
    must break it.

    All who have something to give for peace
    must give it.

    For Palestine, for Israel
    and for a troubled world,

    It's time for peace.

  10. The Israeli-U.S. strategy for Palestine

    Thoughts on the Attempted Murder of Palestine

    Former CIA analyst
    "Coup" is the word being widely used to describe what happened in Gaza in June when Hamas militias defeated the armed security forces of Fatah and chased them out of Gaza. But, as so often with the manipulative language used in the conflict between the Palestinians and Israel, the terminology here is backward.
    Hamas was the legally constituted, democratically elected government of the Palestinians, so in the first place Hamas did not stage a coup but rather was the target of a coup planned against it. Furthermore, the coup -- which failed in Gaza but succeeded overall when Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, acting in violation of Palestinian law, cut Gaza adrift, unseated the Palestinian unity government headed by Hamas, and named a new prime minister and cabinet -- was the handiwork of the United States and Israel...
    The UN's outgoing Middle East envoy, Alvaro de Soto, whose final report on his two years in Palestine-Israel was recently leaked to the press, describes Abrams and a State Department colleague, Assistant Secretary David Welch, threatening immediately after the Hamas election victory to cut off U.S. contributions to the UN if it did not agree to a cutback in aid to the Palestinian Authority by the Quartet (of which the UN is a member, along with the U.S., the EU, and Russia). De Soto also describes a gleeful U.S. response to Hamas-Fatah fighting earlier this year. The U.S., he says, clearly pushed for this confrontation, and at a meeting of Quartet envoys, the U.S. delegate crowed that "I like this violence" because "it means that other Palestinians are resisting Hamas."...
    The election of Hamas in the first instance sent a political message -- of resistance to Israeli occupation and extreme dissatisfaction with Fatah's failure to end it or even to protest it adequately and the international community's failure to help -- and nothing in recent developments gives the Palestinians any hope that their message has been heard.
    Quite the contrary, in fact. But any expectation that this fact will lead them now to surrender is premature. As Israeli activist and commentator Jeff Halper wrote soon after the Hamas election, the Palestinians gave notice in that election that they would not submit or cooperate, that they were resurrecting a tactic from the 1970s and '80s, of remaining sumud, steadfast -- not engaging in armed struggle but not caving in to Israel's desire that they disappear.
    The race now is to see whose strategy prevails and whether the Palestinians in their steadfastness can hold out against Israel's long-term strategy of apartheid, ethnic cleaning, and even, as honest commentators have increasingly begun to label it, genocide.

    The appropriate word is Genocide

    Last fall, in the aftermath of a summer of daily Israeli bombardment of Gaza, Israeli historian Ilan Pappe characterized as a deliberate genocide what was then an average daily death toll of eight Palestinians in Israeli artillery and air strikes.
    Following Israel's disengagement from Gaza in 2005, the Israeli political and military leadership, recognizing that Gaza's almost 1.5 million Palestinians were hermetically sealed into a tiny geographical prison, had come to view them as an extremely dangerous community of inmates, which, in Pappe's words, had "to be eliminated one way or another."
    With no way to escape, Gaza's Palestinians could not be subjected to the gradual ethnic cleansing occurring in the West Bank, and so, at a loss as to how to deal with this massive problem, Israel was simply implementing a "daily business of slaying Palestinians, mainly children," always using Palestinian resistance as its excuse on security grounds for inexorably escalating its attacks.
    Writing again about Gaza only a few weeks ago in the wake of Hamas' defeat of Fatah forces there, Pappe notes that he received many uneasy reactions to his earlier use of the charged term "genocide" and had himself initially rethought the term, but ultimately "concluded with even stronger conviction" that genocide is the only appropriate way to describe what Israel is doing in Gaza.
    Israel's strategy of "eliminating the Palestinian people," is not new, as Ilan Pappe has long made clear in his several histories of the conflict, most notably the newest, The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, on the deliberate expulsion and dispossession of Palestinians in 1948.
    But the methods and the tactics change from time to time, and it is clear that now that Israel is enjoying the full, open, and conscious backing of the United States in this endeavor, thanks to the neocons' hijacking of Middle East policymaking in the Bush administration, it is proceeding really quite brazenly, making little secret of its essential hostility to all Palestinians and of its ultimate intent to eliminate, by whatever means necessary, the entire Palestinian presence in Palestine.
    The 60 years since the Palestinian Naqba

    The Palestinians' own will and steadfastness are obviously of great importance. The key question is whether they can, despite the forces working against them, remain sumud, and regain the basic loose unity that had until recently kept them more or less together as a people through 60 years of being scattered.
    Since the Palestinian naqba, or catastrophe, which saw the Palestinians dispossessed and ethnically cleansed to make room for the establishment of Israel as a Jewish state, Palestinian history has evolved in roughly 20-year phases.
    The first, from 1948 to the late 1960s, was a period of nearly helpless quiescence during which the Palestinians were almost extinguished as a people -- first dispossessed and dispersed, then totally forgotten by their Arab brethren and by the rest of the world. Israel and Israeli propagandists willed any memory of Palestinians out of the public consciousness and erased most remaining physical traces of the Palestinians' presence on the land. Palestinians themselves existed in a state of shock, trying to regroup but unable to devise a strategy for resisting and bringing their case to international public attention.
    The second phase was an era of Palestinian resistance. Running from the late 1960s and spurred in great part by Israel's 1967 capture of the West Bank and Gaza, the remaining parts of Palestine, this period saw the PLO unify the geographically and politically disparate Palestinians around the goal of liberating Palestine and saw Palestinian factions employ terrorism and armed struggle in response to Israeli terrorism and oppression.
    The third two-decade period, up to the present, began as a period of accommodation but, as this unreciprocated accommodation has increasingly been exposed as bankrupt, is ending with a renewal of resistance...
    Each of these phases has been marked by two principal features: Israel's consistent efforts over 60 years to eliminate the Palestinian presence in Palestine, and the Palestinians' determined and to this point successful effort to defeat this attempt to erase them from the landscape. Israel has varied its tactics but ultimately has never given up its goal of establishing "Greater Israel" as an exclusively Jewish state...
    Israel found an eager collaborator in the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority, whose leadership has sought since the start of the peace process to cooperate with the Israeli occupier and the U.S., despite being repeatedly slapped in the face...
    Is this abysmal Palestinian situation a harbinger of things to come?
    The Palestinians are suicidally split; one segment of the leadership is desperately paying court to their oppressors, while the other stands strong in resistance but is seriously isolated; Gaza is impoverished and entrapped; the West Bank lies helpless on its back, open to the picking by territorial vultures;...
    Most Israelis and most U.S. policymakers hope so.
    This is a Palestine molded in the neocon laboratories of the Bush administration, part of the "birth pangs" of a new Middle East, a Middle East envisioned in the corridors of the White House and the State Department as dominated totally by Israel, full of subservient Arab governments (dubbed "moderates" in the jargon of the new age) or, where the "moderates" do not prevail, mired in continual U.S.-instigated warfare.

    The Siren Song of Elliott Abrams

    Enter Elliott Abrams, the neocons' Dr. Frankenstein and senior working-level creator of much of the Middle East's current turmoil.
    Palestinian commentator Rami Khouri calls this induced chaos the beginning of a great "unraveling" of the current Arab state order established decades ago in the aftermath of World War I.
    At the very moment when Arab states -- including not only governments, but various groups within them, including Islamist, other sectarian, ethnic, and tribal movements -- are struggling to define themselves, Khouri says, huge external pressures led by the U.S., Israel, and some European governments and abetted by some Arab governments (those currying favor with the U.S.), are weighing down on the local elements to thwart them and redirect them toward fulfilling Western interests. Khouri calls this a formula for an explosion. Some form of utter turmoil, if not an outright explosion, would seem to be precisely the desire of Abrams and his fellow neocons, as well as of Israel...
    No one should be surprised that Abrams has had a hand in creating the mess in the Middle East and is actively working for the dismemberment and emasculation of the Arab world. He did this in Central America before being caught lying to Congress during the Iran-Contra investigation and being momentarily sidelined...
    More than most policymakers past or present, Abrams wears his pro-Israeli heart on his sleeve.
    In a 1997 book on the place of Jews in U.S. society, Faith or Fear: How Jews Can Survive in a Christian America, he took the position that Jews should "stand apart from the nation in which they live. It is the very nature of being Jewish to be apart -- except in Israel -- from the rest of the population."
    Although maintaining that this stance implies no disloyalty to whatever nation Jews live in, he unabashedly affirmed the importance of the Jewish "bond" to Israel. The Jewish community in the U.S., he said, should conceive of itself as a religious community because "faith is the only ultimately reliable bond between American Jews and Israel."...
    Abrams worked closely with Sharon's chief of staff, Dov Weisglass, to design a scheme that would make it appear that Israel had agreed to the plan (the Roadmap peace proposal) while actually placing the onus on the Palestinians to take the first step by stopping all terrorist incidents and dismantling militant organizations. After Israel had destroyed all Palestinian security capability, it was clear that this would be an impossible task for any Palestinian leadership, but Abrams and Weisglass knew this would give Israel the breathing space to

    proceed with settlement expansion and consolidation of the occupation. It was an intricate maneuver that reassured the right wing in Israel and the U.S. that Israel was making no concessions but made it appear to most of the world outside that Israel was ready to make "painful concessions" if the Palestinians "showed their good will."
    Weisglass later exposed the thinking behind the scheme as it began to evolve a year later into Sharon's plan for so-called disengagement from Gaza. These peace plans, he said, speaking specifically of the disengagement plan, supply "the amount of formaldehyde that is necessary so there will not be a political process with the Palestinians."...
    This same pattern is apparently being repeated with the engineered Hamas-Fatah split. Although Israel has no more intention now than ever previously of making real concessions to Abbas (and indeed announced immediately after Bush's speech that it will not even discuss the central issues of borders, refugees, and Jerusalem), the U.S. and presumably Abrams have persuaded the Israelis to make some low-cost gestures to Abbas, while acting as though they are eager for negotiating progress whenever the "moderate" Palestinians are ready -- all in the hope of undermining and finally defeating Hamas...
    Thus Abrams almost certainly has fairly free rein to fold, spindle, and mutilate policy on Palestine-Israel. He is obviously in his element, hyperactively pulling strings behind the scenes everywhere, wheeling and dealing with cohorts in Israel -- where he travels every month or two, sometimes more often -- as well as with compliant elements among the "moderate" Arab governments.
    Shortly after September 11 and the start of the "war on terror," according to the New Yorker profile, he was so enthusiastic about the prospect of manipulating the Arab world that he exulted that "I feel young again! I love all these battles -- they're so familiar to me."
    The Future

    This picture of unrestrained power and extreme partisan advocacy at the center of Palestinian-Israeli policymaking in Washington is the backdrop against which any intensified anti-Zionist sentiment and any effort to change and broaden public discourse must struggle...
    Nonetheless, there is some change underway in public discourse, at least enough to worry some of the lobby's movers and shakers, who constantly wring their hands in distress over the supposed "anti-Semitism" of the growing numbers of Israel's critics.
    It is impossible at this stage to foretell the outcome of what is, without exaggeration, an epic struggle between those fighting for pure justice for a dispossessed, oppressed people and those on the other side who, in the course of fighting to preserve the ethnic and religious superiority of Jews in an exclusivist state, are provoking a clash of civilizations and a disastrous global war with the Muslim world...
    Jeff Halper observed in a recent personal account of his own journey away from Zionism that "the truth is that despite [Israel's] desperate attempts to erase their presence and replace it with purely Jewish space, the Palestinians define our existence." The refugees in particular, despite not even being present, pose the greatest challenge to Jewish comfort; they "do not give us rest, [they] prevent us from truly taking possession of the land." The refugees and everything about the country that until 1948 was Palestine "are now a poltergeist under our feet, concealed under layers of 'Judaization.'"
    Many others are talking increasingly of a vision of Palestine as a land in which Palestinians and Jews are equal. It won't be an easy progress, but at the end of the next 20-year phase, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that Palestinians will be living in freedom, justice, and prosperity. To be meaningful, all three of these requirements for a decent life must be there for both peoples in equal measure.

  11. Israeli Hate Education

    Israeli Textbooks and Children's Literature Promote Racism and Hatred Toward Palestinians and Arabs
    By Maureen Meehan
    Israeli school textbooks as well as children's storybooks, according to recent academic studies and surveys, portray Palestinians and Arabs as "murderers," "rioters," "suspicious," and generally backward and unproductive. Direct delegitimization and negative stereotyping of Palestinians and Arabs are the rule rather than the exception in Israeli schoolbooks.
    "The early textbooks tended to describe acts of Arabs as hostile, deviant, cruel, immoral, unfair, with the intention to hurt Jews and to annihilate the State of Israel. Within this frame of reference, Arabs were delegitimized by the use of such labels as 'robbers,' 'bloodthirsty,' and 'killers,'" said Professor Bar-Tal, adding that there has been little positive revision in the curriculum over the years.
    Bar-Tal pointed out that Israeli textbooks continue to present Jews as industrious, brave and determined to cope with the difficulties of "improving the country in ways they believe the Arabs are incapable of."
    "When I was in high school 12 years ago, the date '1948' barely appeared in any textbooks except for a mention that there was a conflict, Palestinians refused to accept a U.N. solution and ran away instead," said Jamal Atamneh, coordinator of the Arab Education Committee in Support of Local Councils, a Haifa-based NGO.
    "Unfortunately Israeli children's books are not an option for promoting equality in this society,"" said Atamneh, citing a book written by Israeli writer/researcher Adir Cohen called An Ugly Face in the Mirror...
    Cohen( ) researched 1,700 Israeli children's books published after 1967. He found that 520 of the books contained humiliating, negative descriptions of Palestinians. He also took pains to break down the descriptions:
    Sixty six percent of the 520 books refer to Arabs as violent; 52 percent as evil; 37 percent as liars; 31 percent as greedy; 28 percent as two-faced; 27 percent as traitors, etc.
    Cohen points out that the authors of these children's books effectively instill hatred toward Arabs by means of stripping them of their human nature and classifying them in another category. In a sampling of 86 books, Cohen counted the following descriptions used to dehumanize Arabs: Murderer was used 21 times; snake, 6 times; dirty, 9 times; vicious animal, 17 times; bloodthirsty, 21 times; warmonger, 17 times; killer, 13 times; believer in myths, 9 times; and a camel's hump, 2 times.
    Cohen's study concludes that such descriptions of Arabs are part and parcel of convictions and a culture rampant in Hebrew literature and history books. He writes that Israeli authors and writers confess to deliberately portraying the Arab character in this way, particularly to their younger audience, in order to influence their outlook early on so as to prepare them to deal with Arabs.

  12. Neocon ”Vision” for a Palestinian State
    More Mass Murder, Thievery, and Unending Duplicity
    by Kurt Nimmo

    Recall Dov Weisglass, former Ariel Sharon chief of staff and now “point man in the US,” declaring that “disengagement” from Gaza supplied “the amount of formaldehyde that is necessary so there will not be a political process with the Palestinians,” as the Israelis have no intention of allowing a Palestinian state, let alone obeying international law and various United Nations resolutions calling for an end to the occupation of Palestinian land....

    Of course, both Bush, or rather his neocons, and Israel under Olmert prefer the CIA-infested Fatah and its leader, Mahmoud Abbas. Naturally, the point here is to have yet another conference with a trusted toady micromanaged by the CIA and Shin Bet,...
    Olmert also stated that, “We firmly stand by the historic right of the people of Israel to the entire Land of Israel. Every hill in Samaria and every valley in Judea is part of our historic homeland. We do not forget this, not even for one moment…” another reminder that “final borders” themselves are but a means and will ultimately not be final, just as living in a ghetto is not living at all.
    Olmert’s declaration, quite prosaic for Israelis, and those of us who have bothered to read the history of Zionism, stands now as it did then, or for that matter as it did when screamed from the rooftops by Ze’ev Jabotinsky, David Ben-Gurion, Menachem Begin, Chaim Weizmann, and indeed Theodor Herzl...

  13. Palestine debate in Wesminister Hall

    by Clare Short
    ( Member of British Parliament)
    I have followed developments in the middle east carefully over many years, and I was well aware before my recent visit how bad things are for the Palestinian people. Nevertheless, I was deeply shocked by Israel's blatant, brutal and systematic annexation of land, demolition of Palestinian homes, and deliberate creation of an apartheid system by which the Palestinians are enclosed in four bantustans, surrounded by a wall, with massive checkpoints that control all Palestinian movements in and out of the ghettos.
    Houses are being demolished because Palestinians do not have permits to build, even on their own land. However, Israel is not entitled to introduce such a permit system.
    It never gives a permit to build a house, or after a house has been built...According to ICAHD, Israel has demolished 18,000 Palestinian homes in the way I described since 1967.
    Each demolition was a war crime.
    The delegation went to visit the Jordan valley...
    There are acres of plastic greenhouses that are organised and worked by settlers and which are strategically located over water sources. They grow organic herbs and other agricultural produce for the European market and yet, when we visited a totally impoverished nearby Palestinian village, we found that there was no school and, that day, no water—the one tap in the village gave no water. The impoverished Palestinians must buy water by the bucket from the settlers...
    The Israelis are clearly and systematically attempting to take the maximum amount of land with the minimum number of Palestinians.
    As things stand, Israel has taken 85 per cent. of historical Palestine, leaving the remaining 15 per cent. for Palestinian ghettos. More shocking than that is that the international community, including the UK and the EU, does nothing to require Israel to abide by international law, despite all the claims made about European support for human rights and international law...
    In particular, Israel has privileged access to the EU market under a trade treaty that, like all EU trade treaties, contains human rights conditions. I hope that the Minister will explain why those conditions are not invoked to insist on Israeli compliance with international law. That is a big lever, and Israel would be frightened of losing access to the EU market. I wish that we would make use of that for everyone's benefit.

    Who knew?

    Israel is an interesting case. The settlements are officially explained as some sort of accident, an ad hoc method of temporarily providing security. In fact, they were part of a conspiracy to steal all the land from the Palestinians. The plan was that the Palestinians would be squeezed more and more and more, until they were killed or left ‘voluntarily’ under the pressure of having no more land to live on. It was like one of those horror movies were all the walls slowly come towards you.
    Instead of succeeding, the plan backfired. The Palestinians didn’t leave, they just fit into smaller and smaller areas. At the same time, the ecological pressures increased the birthrate. Now Israel has a full-fledged humanitarian scandal on its hands, visible to the entire world, and no exit strategy except doing more of the same. Doing more of the same just increases the support for the insurgents.
    Israeli strategists have shown no indication that they understand this. The Jew-controlled politicians and lite Zionists are rapidly losing the propaganda war, despite controlling almost all access to information, and the world-wide fury will soon be out of control.

  14. Palestinians at a Cross –Road

    by Dr. Elias Akleh
    Wednesday 13th of June 2007 marks a huge division among Palestinians. On that day open armed confrontation took place between Qassam Brigade, the military arm of Hamas, and what is locallyknown as the death squad mutineers, an American-Israeli backed militia within Fatah Presidential Security Guards under the leadership of national security chief Mohammad Dahlan...

    The (American) administration, under the supervision of General Keith Dayton, formulated a plan to finance Abbas, train his Security forces in Jericho, in Jordan, and in Egypt, and send in death squads, under the leadership of Security Chief Muhammad Dahlan, to spread terror, assassinations, and “creative chaos” to force Hamas to react. This reaction is expected to incite civil war as Dayton has opined in his Congress session late last May. This plan was revealed by Public Affairs and Department Spokesman Sean McCormack on 22nd of last December when he declared Washington’s readiness to provide PA with large shipment of weapons to topple Hamas government. The author of the plan was Bush’s Deputy National Security Advisor Elliot Abrams, who on 7th of last January called for a “hard coup” to overthrow Hamas.

    Dahlan’s death squads started terrorizing people in Gaza. They attacked Hamas government buildings, torched Hamas charitable institutions and social services centers, attacked mosque goers, burned educational and cultural centers, assassinated Hamas resistance members, and fired

  15. غزة والصحافة العربية احنا في ايه والا في ايه؟

    وجه لي قيادي حكيم لا اشك بنيته الصادقة قائلاً:
    بارك الله فيك وبجهودك ولكن هناك ملاحظة صغيرة جداً.
    ما هي أخي الحبيب؟
    أنت تعرف أن مؤسساتنا ليست مدعومة من اشخاص كبار في
    الدولة أو خارجها والعيون علينا.
    القصد أن مقالاتك و كتاباتك شديدة شوي ، الله يرضى عليك لا نريد مشاكل مع المخابرات والأجهزة الأمنية ولا نريد أن نتهم بالاسائة للعلاقات مع السويد والدول العربية.
    حسناً أخي الحبيب سأراعي ذلك في مقالاتي وكتاباتي.
    بارك الله بك هناك موضوع صغير آخر.
    ما هو ؟
    أنت تعرف أن مؤسساتنا مراقبه ولا نريد أن نتهم بدعم الارهاب وتمنع انشطتنا, لذا لا تتطرق إلى المقاومة وحق الشعب الفلسطيني في محاربة الاحتلال لا نريد مشاكل الله يرضى عليك.
    حسناً يا سيدي كلامك اوامر.
    الله يحسن إليك وأيضاً لا نريد أن نتطرق إلى الحكام العرب و مواقفهم ، بينما أهل غزة يموتون من الجوع، أنت تعرف أن مصدر دخل مؤسساتنا هو من اهل الخير و من هؤلاء إذا زعلوا منّا فلن نرى كرونا واحدا و ستغلق مساجدنا.
    كظمت غيظي وقالت:
    حسناً يا أخي الحبيب هل من نصائح أخرى؟
    لا يأمر عليك ظالم يا أخي ولكن لا أريد أن أوصيك.
    سبحان الله وماذا بعد؟
    لا شيء هذا كل شيء شكراً لك.
    أنت متأكد؟ لا شيء بعد؟ لا نريد أن يزعل منّا أحد.
    ما دمت قد ذكرت ذلك وبما أن حوار الأديان على قدم وساق هذه الأيام فلا نريد أن نتهم بتعطيل هذا الحوار فأرجوا عدم ذكر شيء عن اليهود واضطهادهم للفلسطينيين حسناً؟

    مقال عن غزة:
    يعيش سكان غزة أجمل أيامهم بعد أن قرروا إتباع نصائح الأطباء في الوصول إلى نمط الحياة الصحية القائم على ترك كل أنواع الطعام التي تساعد على إرتفاع نسبة الكولسترول والضغط والوزن وكذلك التخلص من أهم مسببات التلوث وهي المازوت والبنزين واللجوء إلى رياضة المشي المفيدة للجسم والعقل. أما المستشفيات والعلاج فقد ثبت بما لا يقبل الشك بأن الدواء التقليدي يسبب الأمراض ويعطل جهاز المناعة لدى الجسم ,ولذا فإن أهالي غزة رجالاً ونساء وأطفالاً يتوجهون بجزيل الشكر إلى الحكومات التي تشارك في حصار غزة لما يوفرونه لهم من أسلوب عيش صحي وسليم بعيداً عن مغريات الحضارة الضارة بالصحة.
    كما يسألون الله أن يوفر لكل من شارك في هذا الحصار المفيد والجميل الفرصة لعيش هذه التجربة الجميلة هو وعائلته وأولاده.
    هناك حصار أساساً كي اكتب عنه بل هو منتجع ترفيهي سياحي فاخر اسمه غزة وبه منتج للثيران !!!.

  16. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    القصة التالية وصلتني بمقال عبر رسالة إلكترونية وليس فيه اسم كاتبه وكان مكونا من ثلاث صفحات، وقد أعجبني فاختصرته مع بعض التعديلات والزيادات في أقل من صفحة.
    كلنا يعرف الثيران الثلاثة المشهورة " الأبيض والأحمر والأسود " التي صارت مضرب المثل في التفرق والفشل" أُكلت يوم أُكل الثور الأبيض "، ونظراً لأن ذكرها صار على كل لسان فإنها انتفضت رافضة مقارنتها بالدول العربية والإسلامية معتبرة ذلك ظلما وإهانة لها لأنه قياس مع الفوارق وأصدرت بيانا إعلاميا توضيحيا استنكاريا قالت فيه يكفينا فخرا أن كل فكر وعمل ثوري يشتق اسمه من اسمنا، وفيما يلي أهم بنود البيان:
    1. عندما سكتنا كنا ثورين اثنين ثالثنا الأبيض، ولم نكن ثلاثة وعشرين ولا ستة وخمسين.
    2. وكنا ثلاثة أفراد من الرعية نرعى الكلأ في غابة بلا رتب ألقاب وجيوش وشعوب وأسلحة.
    3. كان عدونا ملك الغابة وهو أسد حقيقي مفترس.
    4. وعندما قُتلنا صمتنا وكنا صادقين فلم نبرر هزيمتنا ولم نَدَّعِ أننا انتصرنا كما أعلنتم معتبرين نصركم هو بقاء الزعيم متربعا على رقاب المساكين.
    5. نحن لم نشارك في حصار أو تجويع أو قتل أخينا الثور الأبيض أما أنتم فتتسابقون مع العدو على حصار وتجويع وقتل بعضكم وتقبلون رأس المجرم ويديه.
    6. نحن لم نلجأ إلى مساعٍ دبلوماسية، أو محادثات ثنائية مع الأسد، لأننا نعرف بأن لا حوار ولا محادثات ولا هدنة بين الفريسة والمفترس، فاللغة الوحيدة المشتركة بين الطرفين هي" توقيت الافتراس".
    لذلك كله فإننا نطالب الجميع بإلغاء هذا المثل العربي من قاموس الأمثال احتراما لمكانتنا فنحن نربأ بأنفسنا أن يشبه هؤلاء بنا وهذا يؤذينا جدا ونحن في دار الحق وأنتم في دار الباطل، وعلى الأقل نحن عشنا ومتنا ثيرانا في الميدان مضمخين بدمائنا ولم نصافح ولم نقبل أسدا ولم نحتس معه الأنخاب وفارقنا الحياة ولنا خُوَار وبقينا نرفس حتى آخر نفس.

  17. مشاهير الغرب كيف يرون الصراع بين العرب وبني صهيون

    ان تأثير هؤلاء على مجتمعاتهم يفوق الاف المرات ما قد يؤثر به إمام أو رجل دين في مجتمعنا
    إنهم احد اهم أدوات صناعة الرأي العام في العالم الغربي وفي الولايات المتحدة (رأس الأفعى) تحديدا

    وهم بالتأكيد رموز وقدوة للملايين من الشباب
    إن قول دستين هوفمان: لقد بدأت الأنسانية في الإنقراض منذ ظهرت إسرائيل.
    هي عبارة لا تقل أهمية عن طرد السفير الإسرائلي من فينزويلا

    ولهذا ارى من الاهمية مر اسلة هذا الرجل وغيره من اصحاب الاراء الشجاعة
    لأنه بمواقفه يتحدى الة العدو الإعلامية .

    ان وقوفنا ولو بالكلمة مع من يقف الى جانب قضايانا هو دعم معنوى لا شك يدفع اصحاب الرأي ان يستمروا اقوياء، فلا يخصعون تحت ضغط الصهيوني. ارى انه يجب مخاطبتهم برسالة شكر لإصحاب الموقف الإيجابي من العرب ، و رسالة اخرى للطرف الأخر لتوضيح الأمور و دعوتهم إلى مشاهدة قناة الجزبرة عسى و لعل تتغير مفاهيمهم عن الإرهاب و عن الإرهابي الحقيقي والذي يستحق الإبادة.

    هذه بعض اراء مشاهير الغرب فيكم ايها العرب هناك من هو معادي بفكره وهناك من هو منصف برأيه

    نحتاج ان نقول للمسيء اسأت وللمحسن احسنت

    من يتبرع منكم لكتابة رسالة باللغة الانكليزية لضحايا الدعاية الصهيونية واخرى لأولئك المستنيرين لنقول لهم شكرا نحن نسمعكم

    كيانو رييفز
    العرب أقوياء ما يكفي وهم قادرون علي تدمير العالم بأسره لذا يجب أن نبيدهم جميعا.

    هاريسون فورد
    العرب مخلوقات أشد قذارة من الحيوانات نفسها و نحن اليهود شعب الله المختار...لا مجال للمقارنة.

    سندرا بولوك
    لا أعرف الكثير عن القضية لكن لابد من إنهاء الحرب و سفك الدماء من كلا الجانبين.

    فلتلق نظرة علي التاريخ الإسرائيلي وستعرف حقاً من هو الإرهابي.

    دستين هوفمان
    لقد بدأت الأنسانية في الإنقراض منذ ظهرت إسرائيل.

    رالف فينّ
    نحن نعيش هذه الأيام في غابة حيث يأكل القوي الضعيف. نحن لسنا أفضل من العرب لنحتقرهم

    توم كروز
    العرب هم مصدر الإرهاب، إنهم يهاجمون الجميع بدون إستثناء. أتمني لو تدمرهم إسرائيل.

    أنتوني هوبكنز
    إسرائيل تعني الحرب و الخراب و نحن الأمريكان وراء تلك الحرب. إنني لأخجل كوني أمريكي.

    ويل سميث
    الطرفان مخطئان و عليهما إيقاف القتل.

    جورج كلوني
    بوش، شارون، بلير ورايز أسماء سيلعنهم التاريخ.

    أنجلينا جولي
    العرب و المسلمون ليسوا إرهبيون. يجب أن يتحد العالم ضد إسرائيل

    ريتشارد جير
    العرب عبءٌ علي العالم لذا يجب إبادتهم.

    شيين كونري
    نحن نتحدث من منطلق قوة، ماذا لو كنا نحن الضعفاء؟

    ميل جبسون
    الصهاينة هم مصدر الدمار، أتمني لو أستطيع محاربتهم

  18. الإنتفاضة الإلكترونية!

    قبيل هجوم العدو الصهيوني على غزة أرسلنا نداءات اليكترونية للمنتديات والقروبات (المجموعات) و المواقع الصديقة لتشكيل شبكة اليكترونية عالمية لمقاومة العدوان ، تشبة الحكومة اليكترونية و تجاوب معنا عدد كبير من اصحاب المواقع و المجموعات المختلفة و شكلنا لوبي ضاغط توج بتأسيس موقع الإنتفاضة اليكترونية و تحركنا باستقلالية و لكن بروح المقاتل الواحد، لإيقاف المخططات الصهيونية لإجتياح غزة و قمنا اثناء و بعد الهجمة الشرسة بمتابعة الأخبار و إعادة إرسالها وتوثيق الأحداث و تجميعها و ارسالها للمنديات والقروبات والأفراد والمؤسسات الرسمية والشعبية. و نسلط الضوء على جزء من تحركاتنا من السويد:
    1. إحتجاجات واستنكارات واعتصامات من اجل غزة ، تطالب بوقف العدوان و طرد السفير الإسرائيلي و التشبة بغير بني جلدتنا مثل: إتعضوا يا اولي الألباب: "طائفة من يهود أمريكا وأوروبا يصدرون البيانات و يتظاهرون من أجل فلسطين ويطالبون بوقف العدوان"، "الرئيس الفنزويلي والبوليفي يطردون السفراء الإسرائيليين"، "بعض الصحف ألوروبية والأمريكية و الإسرائيلية تستنكر الصمت الدولي!"، "فنانون و كتاب غربيين و يهود يستنكرون صمت المثقفين الإسرائيليين عن المجزرة"، "لاعب من مالي يحصل على بطاقة صفراء وغرامة ثلاثة آلاف يورو في مباراة كرة قدم في كأس الملك في أسبانيا لتضامنه مع فلسطين "، "مغن أمريكي اسمه مايكل هارت يطلق أغنية مدهشة عن فلسطين بعنوان: (لن ننهزم هذه الليلة في غزة) جاء في كلماتها: "حتى لو قصفتم مدارسناً ومساجدنا..حتى لو تخاذل قادة العالم في تحديد المجرم.. سوف لن نركع هذه الليلة يا غزة"، الأغنية تم نشرها و تداولها على نطاق واسع وسجل البعض أنهم قاموا بتشغيلها في االمطاعم ليلة السبت في بريطانيا والسويد ودول أخرى من أجل التعريف بمأساة غزة.
    وقمنا بإعادة ارسال مئات المقالات والبيانات و الصور للمنتديات الأوروبية والأمريكية و العربية و خاصة مقالات الصحفي البريطاني روبرت فيسك النارية ضد إسرائيل والتواطؤ الغربي طوال ثلاثة أسابيع وهي تتصدر صفحات جريدة الإندبيندنت. فحين يشهد شاهد من "أهلهم" بأن الكيل قد طفح في غزة..فهذه بالنسبة لنا- نحن الذين تعودنا على الظلم والتهميش من قبل العالم لنا ولقضايانا وضحايانا- من علامات الساعة!
    2. قمنا بارسال الرسائل للقادة السياسيين ولرئيس الوزراء و لوزير الخارجية و للمؤسسات السويدية والأوروبية والعالمية و استحدثنا كتيب بالرسائل التي تبعث لكل جهة حسب تخصصها.
    3. قمنا بالإشتراك مع عشرات القروبات والمنتديات العربية والأوروبية لتفعيلها لصالح مأساة غزة.
    4. قمنا بإعادة ارسال عناوين القادة الصهاينة لكل المجموعات والأفراد والطلب منهم ارسال رسائل تنديد بالهجمات الإجرامية على شعب غزة.
    5. قمنا و بشكل مستمر بالتواصل مع السلك الدبلوماسي العربي والإسلامي والأوروبي و الأمريكي لحث الجميع لفعل اي شئ لإيقاف العدوان و توصلنا برسالة شكر وتقدير من عميد السلك الدبلوماسي العربي سفير جمهورية الجزائر بالنيابة عن جميع السفراء و حثنا على الإستمرار بالضغط على الجهات المعنية لوقف العدوان.
    6. وصلتنا رسائل إيضاح مواقف من مسؤولي احزاب و من رئيس الوزراء السويدي و عدد من الشخصيات المحلية والعالمية.
    7. قمنا بتشجيع المواقع الإسلامية لإنشاء قوائم اليكترونية للإحتجاج على العدوان و لحث الجهات القانونية لرفع دعاوى جنائية بحق مجرمي الحرب الصهاينة ولبت عدة مواقع مشكورة الطلب
    8. قمنا بكتابة عشرات المقالات باللغات السويدية والعربية والإنجليزية لنشرها بمختلف الصحف والمجلات.
    9. بالمقابل حين نقرأ نداءت من شخصيات إسلامية بالسويد وغيرها تندد بالمسيرات التضامنية بحجة انها بدعة وتعتبرها ضياع وقت و لا فائدة منها ، شجعنا على تشكيل مجموعات مقاومة للعدوان بالمدن المختلفة و قامت مؤسسات عريقة مثل الرابطة الإسلامية بالسويد ب بالتنسيق مع مركز العدالة الفلسطيني و عدد من المؤسسات السويدية لتسيير عدة مظاهرات لنصرة غزة و صل العدد في بعضها الى عشرة الاف متظاهر. رددنا على عشرات الرسائل من مسلمين وغيرهم تعتبر أن المسلمين والعرب يبالغون في وصف الدمار الذي تلحقه آلة الحرب الإسرائيلية وفي أعداد الضحايا لاستجداء العطف الدولي.
    10. قمنا بإعادة إرسال كل مايصلنا لمئات القروبات والأفراد مثل: حين يطلب وزير خارجية عربي أن لا نحمل إسرائيل وحدها المسؤولية هذه المرة من أجل قرار متوازن في مجلس الأمن، نرد علية برسالة تحدد المطالب والأهداف ومن هو المعتدي. وحين يواصل الرياضيون والفنانون العرب حياتهم بشكل طبيعي نخاطبهم ومنهم من ساهم مشكورا بالمقاومة و لدينا مجموعة من فناني المقاومة ينصرون غزة (اوبريت غزة لثمانية شباب خليجيون يقدمون نشيدا إسلاميا لأول مرة في حياتهم) و حصلنا على حق إعادة إرسالة ونشرة لمن نريد بالمجان. ، وحين تعتم قنوات عربية على صور المجازر (حماية للمشاهد طبعاً الذي لا يتحمل قلبه هذه الصور الفظيعة!) قمنا بكتابة مقال شديد اللهجة بعنوان الرأي والرأي الآخر مقارنة بمواقف الجزيرة والعربية من تغطية الأحداث.
    11. حين نشعر بأن الخذلان الأوروبي والأمريكي لا يقل ابدا عن الخذلان العربي والإسلامي قمنا بإرسال رسائل شبة استطعطاف لخادم الحرمين الشريفين والملك عبدالله الثاني و الرئيس حسني مبارك وغيرهم و نحثهم على نصرة اهل غزة ، و رجوناهم أن لا تكون ثقافة الاستسلام والانهزام من ديدن و شيم الكرام و من يحسبون أنفسهم الصفوة في قومنا..
    12. ولكن وسط كل الغثاء والإحباط والتثبيط من بعض الجهات غير المسؤولة والتي راعها موقفنا غير المتردد من نصرة غزة وتعرضنا للإساءة وبعضها للأسف مبرمج قامت به إحدى المتخصصات بالجانب القانوني لتشوية مواقفنا المستقلة و ربطها بجهات سويدية لها ارتباطات ودية مع اسرائيل. وفي الحقيقة فإنني أحياناً أفكر بأنه علينا أن نعترف بفضل الكيان الصهيوني وعملياته الإجرامية علينا لأنه يوقظنا من نومنا دائماً.. بعد أن تكون ذبابة (التسي تسي) والتي تسبب مرض النوم، قد شبعت من مص دمائنا.
    13. فمع العدوان الأخير على غزة نعيد اكتشاف أنفسنا والعالم من حولنا، نعود فنختبر قلوبنا ومشاعرنا ومدى حساسيتنا للقضية الفلسطينية وإيماننا بها..هل مازلنا نملك ذلك القلب الطاهر الذي كان يوفر دينارا من مصروفه ليدعم فلسطين؟ وهل مازالت الذاكرة تحفظ: (سأحمل روحي على راحتي وألقي بها في مهاوي الردى *** فإما حياة تسر الصديق وإما ممات يغيظ العدى)؟
    ومن نعمة الله علينا في هذه الظروف الشبكة العنكبوتية (الإنترنت) التي حررتنا من قيود أنفسنا وأهلنا وأوطاننا والعالم بأسره، فانطلقنا نحقق عبرها ما حرمنا من فعله على أرض الواقع..فقد مكنتنا بأن نقاوم سلميا و بشكل فعال يشهد له العدو قبل الصديق.
    14. تابعتُ عبر الأسابيع الماضية كيف جند الشباب والفتيات من أمتنا ومن أنصار الحقيقة حول العالم طاقتهم بشكل منظم و تقني و قليل منه عفوي، فانطلقوا يفضحون الجرائم الصهيونية ويتظاهرون ضد العدوان والصمت والتخاذل والتواطؤ العربي والغربي. فهاهي صناديقي البريدية الإلكترونية ممتلئة بكل شيء عن غزة. والمدونات تشتعل أيضاً بمظاهرات سلمية تتضامن مع صمود أهل غزة، وتتناقل آخر الأخبار والتطورات.
    15. و لم نترك حتى موقع الفيسبوك الاجتماعي بسلام فقمنا بتسيسه و طلبنا من البنات على الخصوص إيصال صور غزة للجميع و خصوصاً شهداء المقاومة من الأطفال و هي مظاهرة من نوع فريد.. إذ تحولت الشبكة التي كانت مكاناً للترفيه من تبادل الأخبار والصور والاهتمامات بين الصديقات أو الأصدقاء إلى ميدان مقاومة يقوم فيه الأعضاء بإنشاء المجموعات التي تناصر غزة بالمال والدعاء والتبرعات بالدم وغيرها، وتصبح الجدران الافتراضية مكاناً لتعليق صور أطفال غزة أو للمشاركة بأفلام وأناشيد وقصائد وأخبار عما يجري في الأرض المباركة. بل وتتحول الخانة المخصصة للحالة الراهنة والتي كان الأعضاء يكتبون فيها عبارات من قبيل: "خالد: يتناول العشاء مع أصدقائه" أو "سارة: تزور فرنسا حالياً" إلى عبارات تشير إلى التنديد بالإجرام الصهيوني، وإعلان عن آخر أعداد الضحايا الجرحى والقتلى والتي يتم تحديثها بشكل دوري، ونظراً لأن مستخدمي الشبكة بالملايين من كافة أنحاء العالم، فلكم أن تتخيلوا كم هي فعالة هذه الوسيلة الإعلامية الشعبية العفوية، والتي إتهمناها مرارا وتكرارا أنها واجهه للعدو، تحولت من نقمة إلى نعمة علينا. و خبرني من اثق بهم أنه قد نجحت هذه الحملة في أن تجذب البعض من الشباب العربي ومن الجنسين أنفسهم من الذين كانوا غير معنيين في البداية بأي شيء يحصل في غزة فإذا بهم في النهاية ينضمون للحملة ويصبحون أكثر نشاطاً من الجميع، والبعض الآخر اكتفى بانسحاب مؤقت صامت لأنه لا يستطيع أن يقف في وجه هذا التيار المفعم بالطاقة والحيوية والموجه نحو هدف واحد.
    16. حتى المواقع الإخبارية العربية و العالمية الناطقة بغير العربية، زودناها بوصلات المواقع و الصور والأفلام لتكون ارشيف داعم و كلها غدت ساحة حرب بين أنصار إسرائيل وأنصار فلسطين والعدالة، وعلى موقع اليو توب مثلاً لا يمكن إلا أن تحس مدى غيظ الصهاينة مع كل فيلم يتم عرضة على الموقع يصور بشاعة ما يجري ويؤدي إلى ظهور مئات التعليقات اللاذعة من الغربيين قبل العرب تجاه ما يحصل. و ارسلنا على موقع اليو توب أغنية لفتاه كردية تنصر غزة لاقت رواجا كبيرا بإوروبا.
    17. بل وقام البعض [غوروبا بعد طلب من علماء افاضل مثل العريفي بمحاولة الوصول إلى أهل غزة عبر الهاتف و (تم تمرير المفتاح الدولي لغزة عبر الإنترنت)، ونجح الشيخ حسين المغربي على سبيل المثال في أن يتحدث مع بعض أهل غزة بعد أن حاول ذلك بإصرار عبر تجربة أرقام عشوائية و نجح في أن يسمع صوتاً غزاوياً صامداً..قال له بثبات:" نسألكم الدعاء.. ولا نريد سوى ذلك..نحن صامدون وإن تخلى عنا الجميع..طوال حياتنا تعودنا أن نكون وحدنا.. وسنواصل ذلك إن شاء الله..معنوياتنا عالية. ". وفي اليوم التالي كرر المحاولة وصادفه نجاح آخر ولم يختلف رأي العائلة الثانية عن الأولى، ولا أعتقد أن أنصار حماس وحدهم هم الذين لديهم هواتف في بيوتهم.. مما يعني أن الشعب الفلسطيني في غزة ملتف حول قيادته الشرعية المنتخبة والتي تعد بدعاً في محيطها العربي، رغم المقاطعة الملحوظه من الجميع.
    18. .وفي هذه الأجواء أصبحنا كلنا محسوبون على حماس. رغم اننا نوجه لها النصح و النقد احيانا .وحتى غيرنا من العلمانيين يقولون كلنا مع حماس و سيأتي جيل آخر سيقول أنا فلسطين الحرة المستقلة على كامل ترابها.. نحن لا نتشبث ًبفصيل سياسي دون آخر ولكن إيماناً بروح المقاومة ولو كانت اليكترونية و التي باتت خيارنا الوحيد.
    19. لسنا من يستحق وسام الشرف على هذه البطولات الإلكترونية ، بل هم المشرفين على المنتديات و القروبات العربية والإسلامية والغربية من الشباب ، وهم بغالبيتهم ولدوا بعد مهزلة كامب ديفيد، أو هم تحت العشرين مما يعني أنهم ولدوا بعد فضيحة أوسلو و الذين نجحوا في بث روح النصر في أمة استمرأت الذل أو كادت غالبتهم نحو الثلاثين أو دونها ، هم العلماء و الدعاة و مسؤولي المؤسسات الصحية و الدينية و الإغاثية .
    20. حاولنا من خلال الخطبة و الرسائل ايصال نداءات للمسلمين نقولها جيل وراء جيل.. إحنا بنكره إسرائيل و فعل مجرمي الحرب اليهود و لا نكرة الجنس اليهودي ولا الديانة اليهودية و نرفض العنف الموجه لمعابدهم ومدارسهم"! والحمد لله أن هذه الكراهية المليونية لأفعال الصهاينة الدموية، لم تصنعها ولم تنتجها شبكة القاعدة، ولا كتب المدارس ولا وسائل الإعلام (فهذه بغالبيتها مع سلام الشجعان)، ولا الأحقاد المتوارثة، وإنما صنعتها آلة الحرب والدمار الإسرائيلية التي تخلق كل يوم أجيالاً من الأعداء و منهم من هو بعيد عن ارض الواقع بإوروبا و أمريكا واستراليا وآسيا وافريقيا و منهم جيران هذا الكيان، الذي لن يذوق لا الأمن ولا الاستقرار ولا الحرية مادام الحق لم يعد لأصحابه.
    21. وقلنا لقادة إسرائيل صراحة ودون مواربة إنكم تعلمونا كل يوم أن المفاوضات معكم غير مجدية وأن المشكلات العالقة تحل بالقوة، ثقوا تماماً بأننا طلاب سلام ولسنا إرهابيين و هو حقا سلام الشجعان و اثبتنا لكم بحق اننا تعلمنا كيف نستخدم الكلمة سلاحا و وعينا الدرس جيداً..وبأن الثمن الذي ستدفعونه سيكون غالياً..حين يأتِ ذلك اليوم الذي بات - بإذن الله -أقرب من أي يوم مضى.

  19. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

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