Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Was George Washington a terrorist?

George Washington

1- His grandfather was a British militia captain in a colony of Virginia.

2- He wiped out British colonization though his grandfather was brought by it.

3- He was mainly defending economical interests.

4- He attacked civilians who were loyal to the monarchy.

5- He received support from France which was an imperialist power also, taking advantage of the political conflict between France and Great Britain.

6- He used the guerrilla technique.

7- He was popular among the revolutionaries.

8- He fought residents whom he called anti revolutionaries.

Hamas and Hizbollah members

1- Any Hamas or Hizbollah member’s ancestors belong to the region hundreds or maybe thousands years ago.

2- They are fighting Israeli occupation which expelled their grandfathers from their own lands.

3- They are defending their mere existence.

4- They attack militants or settlers who occupy their lands.

5- They receive support from countries that share with them culture and history and not imperialists by any means.

6- They use the guerrilla technique.

7- They are popular among their people: Hamas was elected; Hizbollah has the full support of the majority.

8- They negotiate with the minority who are anti resistance.


a- George Washington is a hero.
b- Hamas and Hizbollah are terrorist groups.

Is there any need for the resurrection of Aristotle here?


  1. Simple and conclusive yet there is logic, only at the expense of thinking and sadly many of us do not think anymore...
    Thank you for this post.
    It is imperative that more people can see the blatant propaganda and hypocrisy that exists in the world today.
    Allahu 'Alam

  2. oh, I'm the post writer but I'm commenting with another account, the previous comment is addressing Le-Ann Mariamlelue

  3. WOW!! 1) I am not sure I read anywhere that GW killed people for the sole purpose of creating terror in a population. 2) I am not sure I know of any point in history that GW used women and children as human shields. 3) I am not sure that I remember GW firing rounds indiscriminitely into crowds or having a low regard for human life. 4) I am not sure I know where GW openly repressed his people. 5) I am not sure that GW was afraid to face his enemy face to face.

    Terrorism has the sole purpose of creating terror to achieve an end and the end goal ALWAYS justifies the end.

    Help me understand how butchering non combatent women and children is ever justified in achiving an end?

    Thanks for your insight.