Thursday, February 12, 2009

Palestinian Victims of Criminal Israel

Ahmad Alsawafiri is 20 years old in picture 2, Ahmad lost both legs, his left arm and two fingers of his right hand. He was in high school when hit by an Israeli missile, what has he done to the Israelis to deserve this!! Mohammad, Maher, Ayaad, Hassan, Hani, Yasser and others had their legs and-or arms amputated… When I visited them in hospitals, many of them asked me to raise my voice as they could not hear me so well because of the bombs dropped just next to them. What have these young and old people done to deserve such fate? They told me that Israel is using a kind of rocket when it hits the ground it explodes at the height of 60-70 cm and split to hundreds of shrapnels that hit and destroy anything at this height which would be the legs, arms and of course the eyes. I was not surprised to see them all rise above the pain and smile. The Palestinians are very special people, they are something else. They've got such courage and determination if spread will cover the whole world. Among their great loss they still smile and raise their fingers with the sign of victory, and they'll be victorious inshaa Allah.

Photos by Iman Badawi

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