Thursday, February 12, 2009

The untold story of the Anti-Semitism

How old is the state of Israel? How old is Zionism? How old is Judaism? How old are Semites? And who are Semites?

For thousands years there have been historical and scientific facts that were established and agreed upon by all human beings. These facts are now distorted and turned upside-down to serve a losing forged case called Zionism.

Since Zionism was founded it tries to cloud the obvious and forge facts:

1- Since when a religion is mixed with ethnicity along with nationality? Religion is connected to spirituality that has nothing to do with colour or race and it is as old as the human belief in God, ethnicity is connected to race and it is as old as Noah, nationality is related to the notion of state, this notion is a relatively modern, it has nothing to do either with religion or with ethnicity, it is a political entity. The Zionist state is the only state on earth that mixes the three of them in a really confusing mixture.
2- Semitic race is scientifically defined as the groups of people who dwelled the middle east for thousands years: Akkadian, Amharic, Arabic, Aramaic, Ge'ez, Hebrew, Maltese, Phoenician, Tigre and Tigrinya among others, these are called members of the Semitic family. Since when Semites were restricted in Hebrews only?
3- Since when Hebrews were restricted in Jews only? Even Jesus Christ and his disciples were Hebrews, many Hebrews embraced Christianity and Islam. It is an ethnicity not a religion.
4- Since when Jews were restricted in Zionism? Judaism is more than 25 centuries old and Zionism is only one century old. Judaism is a religion connected to spirituality and constant belief, Zionism is a political movement and politics are always disputable.
5- Since when there were clear cut lines separating Arabs from Aramaeans from Assyrians from Babylonians from Chaldeans from Sabaeans from Hebrews? If even Yitzhak’s and Jacob’s children and descendents got married to people from all these branches of the Semitic family? The process of mingling between the Semitic branches took place, constantly, for five thousands years.
6- Since when cousins became enemies? Name one battle between Arabs and Hebrews before the foundation of the state of Israel. They were in good terms, very close to each other even before Islam. After Islam, and because of the many resemblances between Judaism and Islam in theology, law, traditions and even food they became the two closest people (Muslims and Jews) and shared mutual friendly cooperative history for ten centuries to the extent that they both have been slaughtered and expelled together by the Catholic church in Spain, and when Muslims left Spain, Jews left with them, that is why a great population of Jews are located in Morocco.
7- Since when Jews became warriors? They are known throughout history of hating war, it is even mentioned in the bible that they have been ordered by God to wage a war and they refused because they hate war. Jews throughout history worked as merchants and scholars, and within scholarship they mainly worked in philosophy and as much as they led philosophical disputes as much as they avoided political and military conflicts, since when they turned from philosophers to warriors? Only when Zionism was founded and formed the Zionist terrorist groups which attacked hotels, cinemas and restaurants. (Mahachem Begin, Rabin, Peres, Shamir, Sharon and most of the Israeli leaders were wanted terrorists in Britain and several western states, they had their pictures hanged on walls with the label: wanted.)
Furthermore, who are those “blond” Jews? Yasser Arafat looks more Jewish than them! From where did they come? Are they Semites?
Semites are not blond :).
Are they non-Semite Jews? They have to enjoy citizenship in their own countries. Judaism is not a nationality. No religion on earth have been either a nationality nor an ethnicity.
I recommend a DNA test proceeded by a neutral, honest lab that does not accept bribes. Arabs had their DNA tests and it proved that it is the same DNA of their ancestors who existed in the region thousands years ago, and we are ready to be submitted to another test. What about the nice blond Tzipi Livni?
PS: Hitler is not hidden in the Middle East region, Arabs have nothing to do with Hitler, and if he hated Jews it is essential that he hated Arab Muslims and Arab Christians too, but his short life time did not give him the chance to express his feelings toward them, yet the Zionist entity is doing the job for him. There is no Hitlarization here, Arabs are not Hitlarized, scientists can develop a way to resurrect Hitler and give him to the European Jews to torture him as much as they can till he dies and resurrect him again and again a million times until their fiery desire of retaliation is fully satisfied instead of forcing innocents to pay bills for things they didn’t even buy.

My American friend told me that the word Zionism is resented by Americans. In the Arab world we don't use the word Israel for several reasons among them is that Israel is the name of a respectable prophet whome we believe in and we don't like to use his name in a negative context, we don't use the word Zionism in reference with the "Jewish conispiracy to rule the world" we use it to defrenciate between the political movement and the Jewish religion.

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